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As long as kids and our world changes, so will schools. We facilitate instructional and structural redesign emphasizing rigorous habits of mind, social and emotional learning, post-secondary readiness, greater personalization, and professional learning communities, all with extensive support for leaders and continuous faculty input and ownership.

Meg Anderson                    Jeffrey Benson                    Rachel Poliner

We offer executive coaching and professional leadership development to district and school leaders to manage change, articulate vision, communicate with constituencies, build community partnerships, diffuse polarized stances, and develop plans and systems.

Meg Anderson                    Jeffrey Benson                    Rachel Poliner

Does your school support and sustain leaders at all levels? Are committees functioning at their best? We do extensive capacity-building with teacher leaders and committees to be creative, collaborative and productive. Committee members learn to analyze student progress and instructional options, become data-savvy, and make effective decisions. Teacher leaders learn to facilitate constructive committees and workshops, utilize varied communication tools, overcome obstacles, and assess progress.

Meg Anderson                   Jeffrey Benson                    Rachel Poliner

Does your school have a culture of complaint or of constructive problem solving? Are the adults engaged in a common mission? We help leaders build commitment, diffuse challenging dynamics, establish professional learning community protocols, transparent and constructive routines, and inclusive decision-making.

Meg Anderson                    Jeffrey Benson                    Rachel Poliner

Student culture exists in schools - maybe it’s productive and respectful, or competitive and superficial, or pessimistic and anti-academic. The question is: Will the adults work on shaping the student culture? If so, advisory is a cornerstone. We facilitate deliberation and design, advisor skill-building, writing processes, internal marketing, assessment, and creating sustainability systems to improve academic success, school climate, career and post-secondary readiness, and to foster healthy adolescent development.

Meg Anderson                                                           Rachel Poliner

We offer workshops, courses, and mentoring on:

  1. habits of mind                advisor skill-building

  2. fostering resiliency           developmental approach to discipline

  3. instructional practice          social & emotional learning via literature

  4. curriculum development        looking at student work

Meg Anderson                    Jeffrey Benson                    Rachel Poliner

Is your faculty skillful and confident in meeting the challenges of special needs students and their families? Effective schools understand how every child can succeed, and develop the supports for success. Our approach helps schools build capacity for:

  1. the IEP process                  facilitating effective Team meetings

  2. working with parents            differentiated instruction

                                        Jeffrey Benson

When teachers or leaders engage in professional writing they clarify a vision or a lesson, build common understandings, influence others and shape a public conversation. We help educators craft their lessons and messages and tell their stories via newsletters, articles, conference presentations, or other modes.

Meg Anderson                    Jeffrey Benson                    Rachel Poliner

Tailored to your schools      Short or long term      Individuals or groups