Key Elements of Our Approach

Leaders and Learners Consulting


Valuing and promoting...

  1. Reforms that foster equity, democracy, community, and excellence

  2. Personalization demonstrated through instruction, policies, and structures

  3. Youth development through attention to self-management and interpersonal skill building, peer support and identity development

  4. Inclusive processes that elicit responsible participation from young people and adults

  5. Sustainability of efforts by focusing on teacher leadership, capacity building, documenting, systemic changes

  6. Writing culture involving many different processes to promote reflection, refinement, sharing, pride, and professional growth

  7. Application of meaningful data and insights from research, particularly emerging research on brain development and its implications for teaching and learning.

and therefore offering you...

  1. Professional development workshops and courses that are experiential and thought-provoking, respecting adults as professional learners

  2. Multiple modes of professional support for individuals and groups

  3. Pathways for reform that are tailored to your school and your leadership style

  4. Options for focused projects through multi-year efforts

  5. Attention to vision and attention to detail, a thorough approach to consulting encompassing curricula, practices, policies and structures

  6. Experience with best practices and multiple pathways to design and implement them; creative and flexible approaches toward high quality goals

  7. Support on specific reforms and the complex change processes involved

  8. Processes based in dialogue rather than competitive debate so that challenges and conflicts are opportunities to learn, be creative, and problem solve

  9. Many years of experience with a broad array of skills, tools, and resources.