Rachel Poliner

Leaders and Learners Consulting


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Advisory programs        Social & emotional learning

Leadership, Change, Faculty Culture

Consulting with schools and districts on:       

Advisory programs in middle & high schools

  1. Personalizing schools so students are known and supported by advisors and positive peer groups

  2. Fostering resiliency and growth mindset, improving achievement, promoting healthy development, supporting post-secondary access

  3. Consulting throughout design and implementation processes, professional development, curriculum writing, assessment

  4. Coaching teacher leaders and principals on implementation and sustainability.

Social & emotional learning, resiliency, bullying prevention, character education, K-12

  1. District consulting on vision, research, program choices, assessment and capacity building

  2. Professional development and collegial writing processes and to support instruction

  3. Infusion into classroom and school-wide practices; into the literacy and social studies curriculum.

Shaping positive faculty culture as a whole and in teams

  1. Coaching leaders to establish shared goals, constructive routines and collaboration skills

  2. Building committee effectiveness

  3. Facilitating challenging decision points and diffusing difficult dynamics.

Coaching principals and teacher leaders on facilitation, change and communication

  1. Offering individual coaching and district courses

  2. Supporting professional writing and speaking to explain, diffuse and inspire

  3. Coaching through school reform, redesign and programming changes.


Rachel Poliner is a national leader and author on approaches and tools for advisory programs, social and emotional learning, and shaping positive faculty culture, working with urban and suburban districts; small and large, public and independent schools near Boston and across the United States. As a school consultant, she has supported and advised principals and district leaders, trained teacher leaders, and designed and implemented programs and professional development to support reform, redesign, restructuring. Ms. Poliner brings twenty-five years of experience working with and in schools with an approach that spans classroom and school-wide practices, curriculum, staff development, school climate, assessment, and district policies and systems. Since 2012, Ms. Poliner has helped build the Social and Emotional Learning Alliance for Massachusetts.

Contact: rachelpoliner@leadersandlearners.org