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Effective schools and organizations foster relationships that make learning and working possible for adults and students, shaping environments of innovation, excellence and support.

Professional Development, Program Development, and Coaching in...

  1. Design & implementation of social & emotional learning, bullying & harassment prevention, conflict resolution, developmental approaches to discipline - read more

  2. Best practice reforms in middle & high school including positive classroom & school climate, instructional habits of mind, differentiated instruction, special education practices - read more

  3. Advisory group program design & implementation - read more

  4. Executive coaching, leadership development,

  5. supervision, mentoring - read more

  6. Collaborative leadership, high functioning

  7. teams, constructive faculty and

  8. organizational culture - read more

School & District Leadership

Teachers, Advisors, Counselors, Special Educators

Institutions & Organizations

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Grit, Mindset, and Determination: the Keys to Academic Perseverance with Jeffrey at ASCD

Classroom Conversation that Deepens Whole Teens’ Communication, Reflection, and Persistence

with Rachel at ASCD

Teaching the Whole Teen: 
Everyday Practices that Promote Success and Resilience in School and Life 

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