Leadership Development


Experienced in...

  1. BulletPrincipal training and development program based on a residency medical model

  2. BulletResearch-based curriculum for aspiring principals, aligned with state standards

  3. BulletProgram advising and evaluation for principal training programs

School/Program Design and Implementation

Experienced in...

  1. BulletStrategic planning for school redesign, small school conversion

  2. BulletCurriculum design and mapping aligned with core standards

  3. BulletDesign and instruction for advisory programs and senior seminars on post-secondary planning, meeting the needs of students in alternative education programs

  4. BulletDesign and implementation of internships for alternative education programs

  5. BulletCurriculum design and instruction for a teen-parenting program; management of a school-based nursery


Experienced in...

  1. BulletPromoting sustainable professional learning cultures, using structured conversations and protocols to look at student and teacher work (National facilitator, National School Reform Faculty)

  2. BulletDesign and facilitation of professional development and summer institutes, collaborating with schools and districts to meet their school improvement goals

Presentations and writing

  1. BulletCoalition of Essential Schools national presentations on leadership development, distributive leadership, and using capacity coaching to support the change process

  2. BulletCenter for Collaborative Education presentations and sessions on leadership development, mentoring, professional learning communities, advisories

  3. Bullet9th grade transitions, advisory planning, regional conference, southern Michigan

  4. BulletMentoring in the Principal Residency Network Program, Center for Collaborative Education, Boston, Massachusetts